Monday, June 4, 2018

Review/Unboxing: The Metalhead Box - May

Welcome to a little bit different of a review or unboxing. I'm not sure what we should call this one, but regardless today we are checking out the May edition of The Metalhead Box, a box dedicated to bringing some cool and exclusive items to Metal fans monthly, so let's jump in and see what we can find.


Right on top as we open the box is a shirt with a logo I was unfamiliar with. The art, as well as the logo, clearly Black Metal had me very interested. Upon a little bit of research, we found the band is Vargrav, a Finnish Black Metal band who are beyond excellent. I'm definitely a big fan of the shirt, the art is excellent and the back print, “As Night Swallows The Night” with a pentagram is something I'm sad my longhair will cover.


Right underneath the shirt was a few CDs. First, right on top, was Mayhem’s 2009 Season of Mist release “Ordo ad Chao”. While I'm a fan of Mayhem and this is an album a lot of people talk about, I had yet to hear it so this was a really cool album to have in my collection. Next up was Drudkh’sAutumn Aurora” which is a band I had been meaning to listen to for quite a while. The album cover is spectacular and upon a few listens, I have to say I'm a fan, very glad to have received this album. Third, was an album from a band called Reign of Vengeance which was a DOA Magazine release. I was unfamiliar with this band prior to receiving this box, always happy to check out new stuff though so this is an album that will definitely get a few spins over the next few days. Last, was a sampler from the label Relapse Records, known for having some high profile bands on their roster. Obituary, Iron Reagan, Exhumed and Gruesome just to name a few of the bands on the album, definitely a good way to find some great new bands you may not know.


The second coolest part of this box and a The Metalhead Box exclusive item is a transparent red cassette copy of “Eonian”, the new album from Nuclear Blast Records alumni Dimmu Borgir. The album came out with very split reception, but love it or hate it, this is a very cool item to own!


Right under the CDs and cassette is a copy of DOA Magazine, a Death Metal magazine I'm unfamiliar with. Taking a quick flip through, there's a lot to offer in here including a ton of album reviews and interviews. This will definitely be a good read for anyone into getting other opinions on albums before (or even after) buying them.


So now it's time for the coolest part of this box, hidden under everything else and nestled in right under the magazine is a nice The Metalhead Box exclusive picture of Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing, complete with signature. Regardless of whether you're a fan primarily of Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Doom Metal, whatever you can decide, everyone knows Judas Priest. Any Metal fan can appreciate how cool of an item this is to receive and it's definitely a good way to close out the box.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Interview with Lucifer

Hey there, how are you today?
-Thank you, great! Sitting here in the Swedish countryside, enjoying the view!

Congratulations on the signing to Century Media Records, I can't express how excited I am to hear “Lucifer II”. How will this album differ from the first release?
-Thank you, yes we are thrilled to work with Century Media now. Great label, very sweet people! By some magic the second album turned out how Lucifer was originally intended musically when I first formed the band’s concept in my head, a way deeper dig through the record crates of the 70s. Less Hocus Pocus, more Hard Rock. Lucifer II is more diverse and opens some new doors. It is more catchy, I think!

Bigger label, bigger tours maybe, what's your guys plans with the first bit of new music and leading up to the release of the album?
-After releasing our first video for “California Son” a few days ago, we are now working on the next video to be released very soon. We just played our first few shows in the new line-up in Sweden, Denmark and Germany and it was awesome! We’re now looking forward to all the upcoming festival gigs this summer, especially Hellfest, Rockpalast and Psycho Las Vegas.

A few years ago you came to North America supporting High on Fire and Pallbearer, are you guys looking at coming back finally?
-Yes, aside from playing an exclusive show this year at Psycho Las Vegas, we are currently looking into touring the US again in 2019. Having spent three years of my life in California, I consider the US a second home and really can’t wait to take Lucifer back on the road there.

Why “Lucifer II”? Is there going to be on overlying concept connecting the first album with this one?
-I planned to number the albums before Lucifer I came out already. Lucifer II is simultaneously
also symbolic for a second incarnation of the band, I suppose.

Last but not least, is there anything you'd like to share with your fans who have been waiting ever so patiently for this announcement?
-I know the gap between these two albums was quite long and I hope the wait was worthwhile! I do think so! We are already talking about the third album and have a good chunk of material laying around. Expect Lucifer III to hopefully see the light of day way sooner this time, very likely around September 2019.

Thank you very much for you time, I'm excited to hear “Lucifer II” on July 6th.
-Thank you, the pleasure was mine! Hope you dig it!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Interview with Ken Kängström and Linda Toni Grahn of Follow the Cipher

Hey there, how are you today?

Linda - Hey!! I´m fine, thanks and hope you too!

Ken - Hello! I´m awesome over here, and hope you are great too!

You guys in Follow the Cipher are about to drop your debut self titled album, are you excited to get it out?

Linda - Yes, we are very excited to finally release our album. To finally show you all what we have been working on since 2014 :)

The album will be coming out through Nuclear Blast Records nonetheless, how does it feel to be releasing the album through what is the quintessential Metal label?

Linda - It feels so overwhelming. We all are truly happy and so thankful for this opportunity. Nuclear Blast are like a hard working label with a family feeling.

Tell us a bit about the album, what is your guys music about? What drives you to create music?

Linda - The theme of the album is Post-apocalyptic. You can maybe feel revenge, power, action, sadness, hope and faith. It´s up to everyone to interpret it how they want.

Ken - As Linda says, it is has a theme regarding a future of destruction. It has some undertones of seriousness reflecting on how mankind treats our planet and all the conflicts around the world. There is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a song that you just wrote and is are happy with. That feeling drives me for the next experience like that.

This may be Follow the Cipher's debut album, but you guys clearly have experience in what you're doing. Can you tell us a bit about your time and close friendship with Sabaton?

Ken - Well I guess Jonas and I has the history with these guys. Jonas has been an very close friend with Par for a very long time, also helping our Sabaton with various things on tour and at home. I met Joakim many years ago and moved in with him for a short while. We had a lot in common regarding what we considered to be good music and good composing even though we focused on different kinds of genres. Later on I became a sound engineer for Sabaton, and after ending that, I was invited by Joakim to compose music with him for Sabaton.

Who influences you to do what you do? When did you realize you wanted to start making music?

Linda - For me it has been growing through the years. The first person that made me wanted to do something with music was actually my cousin. He worked as a musician and I felt that it seemed to be very interesting, and when I met him once when I was 15 I thought that I wanted to be an artist after that meeting, but I was way to shy to sing so I wanted to be a dancer and went for dance classes in High school. But when I was 21 I started to play guitar and write music in a band and after a while I couldn't resist to start to sing.

So what's next? Will we be seeing Follow the Cipher touring worldwide?

Linda - Next up is two shows in June. The 2nd of June in Czech Republic at Metalfest and the other show is in Belgium at Graspop on June the 21st. We have got some proposals for touring but we don´t want to jump on the first tour we got if it´s not the right tour for us. We want to wait to the right tour comes along. And for sure we want to go for a tour worldwide. We want to play, see the world and meet up with all our fantastic supporting people out there.

Who would you like to hit the road with? Any bands you hope to support or have support you?

Linda - Oh what a good question, but it´s a tough one to answer. Hmm....I would say that it would be great to tour with bands that maybe have the same kind of genre. But I like to think that you can do what ever you want so we will see in the future. We are hoping for a tour in this autumn.

What was the writing and recording process like? Was there a lot of stress in the studio? You hear a lot about bands fighting and getting sick of each other when trying to get the recording done

Ken - We never had any fights, but it a hell of a ride doing this album. We pretty much had to record it twice, due to putting a lot of time to the pre-production of our first drafts, and it also did not help that we live far apart from each other in the band, so the process was both tedious and stressful at times. But we were determined to hang on and focus on an album that we could be really proud of.

Last but not least, do you have anything you'd like to share with your fans, old and definitely now new?

Linda - I will say THANK YOU so much for your support! Hope to meet you all!

Thank you very much for your time, I hope to see you on the road soon! Be sure to pick up Follow the Cipher's debut album "Follow the Cipher" on May 11th through Nuclear Blast Records

Linda - Thank you so much for this interview and thank you for showing the interest in the band :)

Ken- Thank you very much for the interview. We are honored to be invited. =)

pick up the album through the Nuclear Blast Webstore

check out the singles on YouTube
Carolus Rex:
The Rising:

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cruelty Exalted "Cruelty Exalted" Review

          “Cruelty Exalted”, the new EP from the band of the same name, is a fantasy themed Technical Death Metal band who, while they stick true to this style, implements some of the best traits other subgenres have to offer, like the harmony Melodic Death Metal has or the speed and intensity of Black Metal. Featuring Alec Cordero on guitars, Todd Farnham on Bass and Yuri Kondra on vocals.

          Instantly, with the first track “Dethroning the Righteous” it becomes obvious the skill this band has as musicians, until about the midway mark, the song is pretty tame really only featuring a very melodic sort of sound, once the song speeds up and jumps into the faster bit though, it's not hard to hear the Technical part of this band. In the last minute, we get to hear everything in overdrive, speeding up even further and surprisingly in this part instead of trying to break into “the craziest solo you'll ever hear” it actually puts a lot more focus on the bass playing to push it along.

          “Callum Incendebat” pulls a lot more influence from Black Metal, taking a much more Melodic and harmony inspired approach to the entire song. Imagine the intensity of Darkthrone infused with the melody of Carcass or early In Flames. The song also taps James Benson (Amiensus) to help push along that Black Metal feel.

          All-in-all, this is a very solid first release from Cruelty Exalted, full of charm and intensity. With the amount of different styles prevalent throughout this EP, it's hard to not find something you could get behind. The only thing I think that can push this band along is a full time drummer, although it is hard to tell that the drums are programmed, some of the sections do seem a little inhuman.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quantum Hierarchy "Neutron Breed" Review

          If you're into space and Death Metal than let me welcome you to Quantum Hierarchy. This is a Technical Death Metal band with the speed and destruction of a meteor and lyrics to match. Right off the get go, you'll hop into a short intro track and right into the title track, "Neutron Breed", luckily the lyrics are relatively easy to follow, describing the vast emptiness of space. The first track is blisteringly fast, full of hooks and intense musicianship, but does fall short in one section. While the lyrics are easy to follow, the vocals are mixed in slightly too low, as such the rest of the instrumentals are generally overpowering the vocals making them hard to make out without reading the lyrics.

          While I may have a mild gripe with Quantum Hierarchy's low vocal mix, there is a spot where they excel past the vast majority of bands and that's transitioning from song to song. Where a lot of bands want to be as heavy and intense as possible that's generally lost between the end of one song and start of another, while Quantum Hierarchy manage to maintain their intensity throughout all of "Neutron Breed" with perfectly implemented transitions. The EP, while only 3 actual songs (not including the minute intro) and 12 minutes actually sounds like one full song with the way each song transitions into the next, you won't even realise you've listened to the whole thing until it's done.

          Quantum Hierarchy's "Neutron Breed" is an exceptional level of Technical Death Metal, the instrumentals are intense, the guitar solos are, while few, technical and awe inspiring and the lyrics are distance but relative. If you're a fan of bands like Artificial Brain and Beyond Creation and need some SciFi based Death Metal, look no further.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Live Report: Invicta and Raider Release Show with Rippr'd and Woofout

          A sold out show at the Boathouse on Saturday night, led by the release for the new Raider and Invicta albums. The night kicked off with the only out of town band, Woofout, this was my first interaction with the band, never heard them prior to this show. The played pretty solid Rock and Roll, much in the vein of Motorhead, and it seems like the crowd was into it. Woofout rocked a handful of songs, with some good crowd interaction, but pretty quickly the show was over and we were into the next band.

          Rippr'd kicked off the hometown metal vibe with their oldschool Thrash Metal vibes.
"Too Trashed To Thrash" is essentially the Metal anthem of Kitchener at this point. It seems like it's a must know song to be officially part of the scene, I'm saying this as someone who was an outsider only two years ago. Rippr'd rock that Thrash crossover sort of tone much along the lines of Municipal Waste or S.O.D. and they take full advantage of it, they're also very self aware as a band with songs like "Ripp", "We're Rippr'd" and "Tales from the Ripp'd" it wouldn't surprise me much if they ended up as well known for their catchphrases, as much as their music.

Rippr'd Setlist:
1. Too Trashed To Thrash
2. Banned For Life
3. Hot Sluts With Tits
4. Ripp
5. Tales From the Ripp'd
6. We're Rippr'd

         Raider followed up the hometown heroes, but considering it was their release show the crowd was beyond anxious for this to start. Even though the recently released "Urge to Kill" is only 3 songs, Raider managed to fill out a full 45 minute set playing the entire EP, including taking a fan from the crowd hostage during "Phlebotomized". If the crowd wasn't rowdy enough already, when the band broke into their cover of Pantera's "Fucking Hostile" the venue became, for lack of a better term, fucking hostile. With ~120 cap, the bar was packed so when the pit opened, everyone knew it. People were being carried around (since there wasn't much area to crowdsurf), the first front row was nothing but a flurry of hair and the back was people on their toes trying to see the mayhem. It's hard to think of something that could top this, but apparently covering the infamous Amon Amarth song "Twilight of the Thunder God" will do it. Although this was a release show for Raider, they showed off what the future held, filling out the rest of the setlist with a couple new songs "Sky Burial" and "Ravenous Hydra", but with the close of Raider's set, it was time for our second release set of the night.

Raider's Setlist:
1. Nebulous
2. Phlebotomized
3. Ravenous Hydra
4. Fucking Hostile (Pantera Cover)
5. Sky Burial
6. Twilight of the Thunder God (Amon Amarth Cover)
7. Urge to Kill

          Just like Raider before them, Invicta were playing a release show for their recently released EP "The Executioner". Also along the same lines, the album is 4 tracks (5 with the intro) and doesn't quite fill out a 45 minute setlist. Majority of the EP was pumped out right away and the best thing about Melodic Death Metal is the pits, the pits are always a good idea and everyone in the venue knew it. If Raider didn't cause enough damage, Invicta took it a set up by showing off their level of influence even causing a more intense wall of death in a ~120 capacity venue where its about 15 strides wall to wall than I've seen in 900-1000 cap venues like the Mod Club and Opera House in Toronto. Invicta broke into a cover of "Sixpounder" by Children of Bodom, a generally underappreciated, yet still well known song and that pretty much set everyone off, the hair was flying and no where was safe. Luckily this is Metal and we don't need a safe space. Invicta showed off what would be coming in the future with "Halls of Execution" and "Infinite Aggression" and much like Raider, I wouldn't be too surprised to see the next release relatively soon. With everyone tired out though, Invicta called it a night.

Invicta's Setlist:
1. Hamartia
2. Prehistoric Suffocation
3. Forbidden Scriptures
4. Promise Land
5. Sixpounder (Children of Bodom Cover)
6. Halls of Execution
7. The Executioner
8. Infinite Aggression

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Aepoch "Awakening Inception" Review

          Potentially the biggest release out of Kitchener, Ontario this year is the debut full length album from Death Metal maniacs Aepoch entitled "Awakening Inception". The album is slated to be released here on April 13th with the band going on tour to promote the album across Canada alongside. The album is more than full of influence and for anyone who was a fan of the band's first EP "Aepocolypse", this will be a real treat for you.
          For anyone who has seen Aepoch before, you'll be familiar with a fair few of these songs, "Delirium of Negation" (formerly known as "Paradise") is the second track on the album, which stuck out right away as someone who's caught this band on multiple occasions. The instrumentals are pretty defining in a lot of Aepoch's track and none are more prevalent than this one. "Tabula Rasa" is a track that the band has been playing live for quite a while, almost since the first time I had seen them and that was a fair few times ago. "Tabula Rasa" is probably the stand out track on this album for me, its such an intricate piece of music, from the Technical and Progressive Death Metal side of the verses and chorus, to the jazz infused bridge in the middle and the Technical and Melodic mix of the second half the album with the solos. On top of that the lyrical prowess relating to the cosmos and the opening of the third eye are incredibly well written.

          Another track you may recognize from the bands live setting, or just because they released it as a single, is the much more Black Metal infused "Burn Them at the Stakes". If you're a fan of the Technical Black Metal side, much like that of Enfold Darkness, "Burn Them at the Stakes" will be right up your alley. The track, especially with the last 2 minutes or so takes on a much more Emperor sort of approach with the chaotic melody it implements, all before throwing some incredibly technical solos over top and a few fake out endings. While we are on the note of these Black Metal influenced tracks, we have to discuss "Mentally Raped By Christ", which takes a more Blackened Death Metal approach, as opposed to the old school Black Metal approach, much more along the lines of that of Behemoth or Goatwhore. If there was any song I could say for certain is influenced by Enfold Darkness, this is it.

          Needless to say, if you're an Extreme Metal fan in almost any capacity, this is an album you need to check out. Countless levels of influence and an incredible level of musicianship in this release, from the technicality of First Fragment and Beyond Creation, the Black Metal aggression of Emperor and Dissection or the crossover of the two like Behemoth or Enfold Darkness, there's something for you here. On top of that, if you live in Canada, Aepoch will be trekking across the country in April alongside UK Death Metal band Bloodshot Dawn, with their hometown show being treated as the album release show on April 21st.