Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Vesication

Last one for Friday night, Ontario Death Fest 2017's first night will be coming to an end with headliners: Vesication and needless to say, everyone will be dead tired by the end of night one. Before we all go home and rest though, one last band to sit through and this may be the hardest band of the night.

I'll make this clear nice and early, I am not a fan of "Slam"/Brutal Death Metal. To be honest, listening to these couple of Vesication albums through wasn't the best experience for me. That being said, theres a handful of tracks, specifically off the "Prepare Uranus" album that were pretty decent to listen to. Songs like "Born With Two Dicks" which is a super groovy Death Metal track was pretty damn solid. On top of that you have "Rectal Fissures" which is a Thrashy-Death Metal piece with some crazy fun riffs and its the kind of song that'll get any crowd doing "The Toxic Waltz".

For anyone wondering my issue with "Slam" is generally the overly guttural/generic vocals and the vulgar song/album titles, not to say I have anything against a some fucks and shits. The big surprise I had with Vesication were the songs that features the higher tone of harsh vocals, not quite screams but heading in that direction, those vocals saved a lot of these songs for me personally.

I've heard a lot of Brutal Death Metal albums all things considered, I've tried to get use to the vocals but never quite managed it. Most I dont listen through the whole way and with Vesication I made it through "Prepare Uranus" a few times before switching it off and writing this so take that as you will. Given the Brutal Death Metal bands that are popular and what they sound like, Vesication might be the best in the genre for fans of the style! I highly suggest you hang around Friday night of Ontario Death Fest and check out the headliner of the night, who knows maybe they'll even convert me.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Ending Tyranny

        Today is gonna be slightly different, there's a handful of bands on this years bill that I've seen in the past, which means i can do a doule coverage. Talk about the studio music and the live experience, so let's give this a shot with the main support of Friday night: Ending Tyranny. This will be the first Tech Death band to hit the stage this year and these guys do not hold back, this is gonna be fast, heavy and hard hitting and it'll kick you in the face right off the bat. My main experience with this band is having seen them multiple times at this point and practically worshipping the bands latest release "Elovultion of Deceit", anyone who's read my coverage in the past may realise this isn't the first time I've brought up this band.

        Let's start off with the studio experience, last time I saw Ending Tyranny the set consisted mostly of "Evolution of Deceit" songs. These songs are insane and some of the stand outs are "12 Palms" which is pure Death Metal bliss, solos and blasts included, this'll be the track that gets any Death Metal fan moving whether it's in the pit or upfront headbanging. "Faceless Silouhette" on the other hand, is as Tech Death as Tech Death gets, the band straight up rips solo after solo putting bands like Protest the Hero to shame. For the fans who would want somewhere in the middle of those two, you would want to check out "Epitome" a song that had the effect of Old School Death Metal, with the speed and insanity of some of the best Tech Death and even some intense mixes of Melodic Death Metal sprinkled in. Regardless of the type of Death Metal you like, Ending Tyranny have a treat for you somehwere in their music.

        Going on to the live experience, as stated before, I have caught these guys multiple times everywhere from support to headline and they never disappoint. The first time I saw them some guy straight up passed out during their solo! Probably coincidence, but maybe not, maybe the band just over shreded him. Since then I have seen the band play the entire new album in full on a couple different occasions and even more recently, start to show off a new track which kills live. Any Death Metal fan in the area should be drawn to see Ending Tyranny and with how solid their live show is and how tight the band sound live, I'm hoping we will see some new songs at this years Ontario Death Fest!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Ruptured Birth

        Here comes another one, today we are gonna talk about Ruptured Birth and right off the bat i have to mention this bands album art, the bands first EP "Arachni Supremacy" has probably one of the best covers in the past few years taking the movie Eight Legged Freaks and making it not only true SciFi but Metal as all hell. The cover consisting of a barrend land covered in web, a monsterous spider and a dying soldier, this is the thing of arachnaphobic nightmares with a Death Metal soundtrack.

        The soundtrack however, is presented by Ruptured birth, who advertise themselves as "Brutal Slamming Deathgrind" which made me worry at first. I clicked on the lastest release and gave it a spin. "Transmutant" starts with a song called "Strogg" on the bands Bandcamp, a song thats as deadly as it is heavy, for the most part the band sacrifices technical solos for hard hitting riffs and killer vocals. The big song that caught my attaention was "Nuclear Marauders" which takes every aspect of Death Metal and cranks it up to 11, the song starts off heavy, kills off any doubt as to the bands power, but the mid point comes, the song picks up and the sweeping solo starts. A purely jaw-dropping experience as it's entirely unexpected at this point in this album.

        Ruptured Birth are not a band to miss, right at the halfway point of Friday night at Ontario Death Fest you will see Ruptured Birth hit the stage and this will not be a show to be missed. If not for the art alone, this is a band you need to watch merch for and luckily for anyone who likes what they've heard at this point, it has been a year since the relase of "Transmutant" so here's to hoping we will hear a new track or two from Ruptured Birth at Ontario Death Fest.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Serene Molestation

        Two words i never thought I would be typing side by side, even while being a Metal journalist, are "serene" and molestation", but here we are today to continue out coverage of this years Ontario Death Fest with the Brutal Death Metal band, Serene Molestation. Older underground Metal fans in the Toronto area might know these guys, the last release from the band was in 2014 and anyone who may not have been paying attention (or who only follows what they see on Facebook, which for bands could be a whole rant in itself about how Facebook is stupid) may have missed that in June, Serene Molestation announced their new EP and released a new track entitled "Mongoloid Meatmarket". With the new EP on its way, and from what I can tell mostly recorded, it seems like Ontario Death Fest couldn't have come at a better time for the band, so why not take a look at what the band has to offer and what you can expect on the first night of Ontario Death Fest.

        Right of the bat, although advertised as Brutal Death Metal (which generally implies constant cookie monster gutterals) Serene Molestation take on a much more Old School Death Metal vibe, much more along the lines of Cannibal Corpse. Listening through the bands last full release, "We're Flesh Obsessed", it became very obvious, very quickly, just what the lyrics would be about, in case the name didn't give away the sexual prowess enough already. With such holiday favourites as "The Cunt of Monte Fisto" and "In Your Mom We Thrust", Serene Molestation focus on (and I kind of cant believe I'm saying this) very believable imagery. Between the literal act of "pushing someone's shit in" in "Brown Eye for the Straight Guy" to the sadistic intentions behind "Stranger in a Strange Hand" the band has a very strong level of imagery behind it's lyrics that make some of it almost believe able from a "Memoire of Charles Manson" kind of view.

        Luckily enough, the actual music isn't too bad either, the aforementioned "Brown Eye for the Straight Guy" is a Death Metal monster, following the KISS rule of "Keep It Simple, Stupid", the songs aren't overly technical and the riffs trade in jaw dropping technicality and overly difficult riffs for more headbang friendly simple and catchy ones. The new song "Mongoloid Meatmarket" is much of the same idea, meaning you can expect the band will stick close to home and stay within their comfort zone with the new EP. Luckily old fans of the band will more than likely have a chance to check out some new tunes from the band and maybe, if ready in time even get the new EP at Ontario Death Fest on October 6th at Coalition in Toronto.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Burdizzo Review

Another day, another review. Today we talk about the band that has the tough job of following up Divinity Cast Down, who we discussed yesterday. Today we talk about Burdizzo, a rather strange Grindcore style band based out of Toronto. The band only has one album as of writing this entitled “Acoustic Neuroma” and I'll be honest I don't know what to expect with this band live.

From beginning to end “Acoustic Neurons” bursts in and out of songs, just like you'd expect with a Grindcore band. I think the real confusing part comes with the vocals, while the instrumentals are undoubtedly Grindcore, blasting as fast as they can without and real rhyme or reason, the vocals are a bit out of the ordinary. It becomes very obvious right away what I mean, in “Mistress” it sounds like Serj Tankien of System of a Down over top of the Grindcore instrumentals. This is a consistent thing as well throughout the album as well, although “Netflixxx and Kill” does take on a much more guttural approach with the vocals.

While not 100% my style, I won't deny this band interests me and I'm looking forward to see how they blend into the scene at this years Ontario Death Fest, Burdizzo will be second to hit the stage on Friday October 6th so be sure to come out!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Divinity Cast Down Review

        Us here at Five Magics Music are happy to announce our participation in Ontario Death Fest 2017! Each day will be met with a full coverage of each of the bands leading up to the day of the show! So, lets kick this off with the opening band of the opening night, Divinity Cast Down.

        Death Metal as the name would suggest focuses on death and Divinity Cast Down cover this subject overly well, with two songs you can grab off Bandcamp before the show to get your neck ready, this Thrash infused band are gonna get the pits started early in the night.

        "Divinity Cast Down" will explain the name of the band, with pure Melodic Death and Thrashy goodness. The riffs in this song are catchy and aggressive, bass and drums build a perfect foundation and pace especially during the solo. The vocals are the main draw to me, taking a much more Melodic Death Metal style much like Dark Tranquillity and Amon Amarth to tell a story of bloodshed. The other song the band has released is "Awaken and Arise", which keeps the Melodic style intact, but fans of old school Death Metal like Obituary and Cannibal Corpse will lose their mind for this track. The song is far more aggressive and focuses much more of the flaying of flesh.

        Opening night, October 6th at the Coalition in Toronto with kick off with a bloodbath, Divinity Cast Down are everything that rocks with Death Metal without any filler or bullshit. If you were iffy on going, this should be enough of a reason and if you're already going, these guys deserve a beer from you for being so good so open up the pit and kick the show off right!!

Ontario Death Fest will be happening from October 6th to October 8th this year at Coalition in Toronto!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Crafteon "Cosmic Reawakening" Review

        When a band is advertised as sounding like Dissection and Watain, I become very skeptical, but that's exactly how H.P. Lovecraft inspired Black Metallers Crafteon were introduced to me. With “Cosmic Reawakening” all you have to do is look at the cover to see that the story is going to be focused on Cthulu, Lovecraft’s most beloved creation.

        So how does this album work and how does it sound, well from the get go with “The Outsider” and “What the Moon Brings” you can hear the aforementioned influence, having a higher grade of quality than most lesser known Black Metal bands and choosing to focus on melody over explosive sound, the album kicks off on a great note. While “The Outsider” doesn't change much in terms of tone and riffs, the track is a highlight of the album for solely for its captivating melody. “What the Moon Brings” has a little more emphasis on how the instrumentals help to push the album along, while still keeping true to having the vocals and lyrics at the forefront of storytelling.

        A couple songs that show more of the bands personal style come more towards the end with “From Beyond” beginning as a much more subtle and peaceful song while remaining eerie with its description of Cthulu’s “Cosmic Reawakening” to strike fear into the hearts of the listener. When the song picks up and melds into “The Whispers in the Dark” it's still as Black Metal as the rest of the album, but from here Cthulu is the narrator, confirming your fears and entangling you in the darkness it is said to bring.

        All in all, this heavy and very dark album is a must for any fans of Black Metal and Lovecraftian stories. Crafteon wrote this album with the darkest of intents and nailed the mark, if you don't know the stories and why Cthulu is considered such a menacing horror, this album will spell it out nice and simply for you. Excellent album, Black Metal fans pick it up August 25th!