Tuesday, November 3, 2015

BLEED - "The Hatred Inside" - Review

               What do we have here, Horror Metal? Well this sounds familiar being a fan of Death Metal, what’s the difference? Well for starters, this isn’t Death Metal, it’s more of a Melodic Thrash style with Cannibal Corpse style lyrics except a bit more frightening and real. See from the beginning, where Cannibal Corpse display the act of killing and kind of try way to hard and make it funny, Bleed put you in the conscience of the killer. Almost make you feel bad, you can picture it all happening, but you can’t do anything about it.

                Queue our bass intro to Canadian band Bleed’s album “The Hatred Inside,” the build up of the title song instrumental can almost make you feel the build of the hatred of a killer. The real opening track “Deceiver” gets us started off kindly, pushing you right off the cliff into the mind of a man who knows he should be locked away. The real pleasure of this album is it demonstrates every instrument, all instruments are audible at all times without making the sound overwhelming and on top of that you have the narrative of vocalist Robert Kreed to take you on a story through this man’s mind and pain. This song is also the home off a sweet bass solo, the kind of bass solo that will make every bassist.... in their pants.

                “Murder Baby” a few song down from where we started takes a different idea, the instrumentals are more of a Slayer style, speedy Thrash Metal but with a more Gwar mixed with Rob Zombie style of lyrics and vocals. The chorus is literally just “fuck and kill and hate and rape and plant the seeds of Murder Baby.” The idea of listing exactly what horrors this thing breeds is more of a Gwar thing, but come on it’s called “Murder Baby” tell me that doesn’t sound like a Rob Zombie kind of song. Honorable mention, the next song “Xombimind” sounds a lot like Slipknot’sBefore I Forget” instrumentally.

                From Canada, we have Bleed and their album “The Hatred Inside,” this is an album of horror, and slight hilarity if you have a fucked up mind in songs like “Murder Baby.” They don’t stray away from showing off their influences and they write some awesome in depth and intriguing lyrics, it’s definitely an album and Thrash fan should have in their collection.


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