Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Adrenechrome "Tales From Adrenechrome" Review

                This is a band I’m not certain on how I would classify, they have a lot of groove to them but they’re full of heavier section, so how about we just call this Heavy Metal. Adrenechrome are a Canadian Metal band that can show most older bands how to write, with so many sounds from other bands you’d almost think they had Mastodon and Megadeth in the studio with them one day then High On Fire and Baroness the next. All “Tales From Adrenechrome” needs now is a studio report called “Tales From Tales From Adrenechrome” just to start confusing people.
                Right off the bad you face “A Familiar Face,” which starts off the album sounding like an incredible Mastodon jam, after the intro plays out you’re jumping right into “Lockstep” which begins again sounding a bit like Mastodon from the “Blood mountain” era, but the interesting part is when we get to the chorus. The chorus takes on more of a Dave Mustaine, softer Megadeth feel. The contrast between the high speed almost harsh vocals and slower cleaner vocals is nice and allows the musicianship of the band to show that they don’t have to be playing 1000 chords a minute.

                “God Sized Shadow” takes on a more Baroness sound knocking the speed down a little bit and keeping the tempo a little more constant, the only real change is right near the end as the song slowly, well, slows down up to a final conclusion of “she says hello.” The albums closing track “The Led Elephant” and talk about saving the best for last! Building up slow until it hits the point of explosion the song kicks into high gear going the incredible guitar work of both Tim Kehoe and Chris Friesen, not to mention the vocals of the latter mentioned Friesen that almost offer a tone of desperation while yelling “we cannot win.” The song closes out the same way it opened, with a slow crawl to the end playing probably what is one of the best riffs in this album with constant double bass pounding away in the background until it comes to a halt.

                Adrenechrome wrote one hell of an album, then recorded one hell of an album and finally, released one hell of an album. This is good ol’ Heavy Metal full of Rock N’ Rock sounds and grooves from bands that most modern Metal fans love, plus look at that album cover! The comic book inspiration mixed with Metal makes for an amazing formula for great album covers, this is  style the band should embrace and release with each album, but that’s just my opinion. There’s no reason for anyone not to check “Tales From Adrenechrome” because it’s probably better than most albums you’ve heard this year.


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