Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vow of Thorns "Farewell to the Sun" Review

                Sometimes, you just have a feeling about an album and it makes you way more excited for it than it probably should. Last year while on Ashbringer were on tour they played a little venue in Guelph, Ontario and with them they brought this band called Vow of Thorns. I had no knowledge of this band before this show and they instantly shocked me, they could do something most bands couldn’t, which is not only alternate between the Black and Doom Metal sounds, but mix them together to make an atmosphere like no other. Well, nearly a full year passed since this show and now Vow of Thorns are more than happy to present to you their album, “Farewell to the Sun”.

                Lets just get started, this album kicks off with “Meeting on the Astral Plane” and kicks off with my favourite riff on this entire album! The riff actually sounds upbeat and is nice in contrast, this song gets pretty slow and has a quite upsetting atmosphere come the end of it. After a bit of this riff the song slows down and we are greeted with very obvious Black Metal influenced vocals, and with such your idea of this album will begin, this is the main idea of the album, slower riffs with vocals front and centre. The atmosphere is dark and as mentioned before, upsetting, this album actually does its job to create the kind of tension filled atmosphere that most bands aim for and fall far short of. The song will gradually slow down as it goes through is astounding 10 minute run time before eventually grinding to a complete halt.

                This album features a 3 part epic totalling a surprising 21 minutes in length entitled “Farewell to the Sun”, yeah, the title track(s) itself. They have a full build up, climax and drop off, with the songs starting off slow, blending outstandingly into one another and eventually after reaching its height around the end of part two, gradually drops back off into oblivion. These songs are the main selling point of the expertise of Vow of Thorns, between the slow, mellow sound of the Doom influence and the faster, yet just as simple Black Metal sound you can hear every aspect and feel every note of these tracks. Then there are the blending sections, where the clear Black Metal sound is slowed to create a Doomier sound and more menacing atmosphere.

                I keep talking about atmosphere; well this is where a lot of bands fall short. Many albums released in recent years lack the ability to make you feel and there’s a reason this is such a problem, many people use music as an escape. Vow of Thorns don’t lack here, “Farewell to the Sun” has an atmosphere to it that is just as great as the music itself, so rejoice, escape and blast this spectacular album.


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