Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Warbringer "Woe to the Vanquished" Review

        Warbringer live up to their name with the newest outing “Woe to the Vanquished”. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the true horror of war and get sucked into a mosh pit at the same time, this might just be the album for you, right from the get go you have “Silhouettes” which is a pretty standard paced song that outlining the absolute terror of nuclear warfare. A song to break your neck and definitely get any crowd ready for whatever you could play next. The title track, “Woe to the Vanquished” follows and this is a song of sheer speed. Guaranteed to start a pit wherever you are, if you have speakers with you and turn this song it’ll turn the most docile place into the most epic wall of death you’ve ever seen.

        There’s a couple outliers that need to be pointed out, “Spectral Asylum” is a slow paced banger. Live this song probably won’t produce much of a pit outside of those few guys who walk in circles and push each other, what it will do however is get every single head in every venue hanging. The solo in this song also stands out the most because it’s the most out of nowhere, the song builds up to it a little bit but it takes until it’s basically in your ears for you to predict that it’s coming.

        The most stand out song on the album though is “Shellfire”. Fast paced and the purest form of Thrash is the only way I can think to explain it. Warbringer use everything they can at their disposal in this track and actually manage to create the sounds of war and, of course, the horror of Shellfire. “Shellfire” stands out specifically because following the “incoming” section, you’ll learn who your real metal friends are, anyone not headbanging to this perfectly paced Thrash monster of a riff just doesn’t need to be in your life, you don’t need that kind of negativity.

       What else is there to say? This is easily one of the strongest albums I’ve heard so far this year and all around one of the best Thrash Metal albums to be released in the past 20 years. Pick up Warbringer’s Woe to the Vanquished” because if you don’t you’ll have a void in your life that will never be filled by any other Thrash album.


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