Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Live Report: Beyond Creation, Aepoch, Unbeing, Ending Tyranny, Profaner and Cynaptic live at Maxwell's

                Saturday night at Maxwell’s in Waterloo saw a very Death Metal friendly night with the likes of six bands from Canada! Cynaptic, a band we have talked about before from the Kitchener area, Profaner, the 2016 Wacken Metal Battle Canada winners who played the largest and loudest Metal festival in the world! Ending Tyranny, Technical Death Metal goodness from Brantford followed up, with Unbeing from Montreal afterwards playing their signature style of Instrumental Metal, their InstruMetal. Hometown heroes Aepoch played main support tonight and last but not least, our headliners Beyond Creation!!

                Cynaptic kicked the night off with some Death Metal goodness, showing off kicking off quick as tonight lineup was packed, there was no time for messing around. Showing off their single “Mental Imprisonment” as well as a bunch of other songs that will undoubtedly be on their debut album as well as a cover of Death’s The Philosopher” they got the audience nice and ready for an extreme night. The band knows how to play their songs and play really well, their downfall comes in their stage presence as only lead guitarist Ian Engstrom really moved around more than just swaying back and forth. The band is still rather new so it’s to be expected they won’t really know how to control the stage like some bands do, regardless of size, but other than that one complaint, Cynaptic have gotten better and better with each show I’ve had the pleasure to catch them at.

                Profaner followed up and brought the noise, this is my third time catching these guys live, I even had the pleasure to see them at the Wacken Metal Battle finals just to see them win and get to head to Europe for what has definitely been the biggest show they’ve played. The guys in Profaner know how to control an audience, between headbanging riffs, melodic Death destruction and crazy shredding. These guys have grown a lot over the years and they’re definitely going somewhere fast. If these guys ever come around near you, definitely worth checking out.

                Ending Tyranny once again show off their Technicality tonight showing off old songs and new songs alike, although the bands set did get cut short due to time constraints, they managed to show off a brand new song right at the end of their set they sounded crushing, anyone who’s a Tech Death fan will definitely be pleased with the new material. Ending Tyranny are always a pleasure to see live and for the most part you won’t be able to headbang, you’ll be too busy watching the insane technicality of everyone in the band.

                Unbeing were cool, this was my second time seeing them live and while they play some great riffs and have some killer hooks, there’s just something about purely instrumental bands I can’t get into. Nonetheless, if you do like Instrumental bands, chances are you’d be able to get into these guys really easily because unlike most, they don’t just rehash the same riffs for five minutes and call it a song, they change it up and play some really good stuff.

                Aepoch are the hometown legends who really don’t need any introduction to anyone in the local scene, while it must have been a dream for these guys to be playing main support for Beyond Creation, it’s not as if they didn’t work for it. Over the course of five songs these guys showed they deserve the recognition they receive playing one of the stronger sets I’ve personally seen from them. Everyone in this band seems so comfortable on stage, that being said, guitarist Bobby Chournamany is the only member who really doesn’t have much of a stage presence live and a shadow is easily cast over him by each of the other members during any section that doesn’t involve him playing a solo. All in all though, killer show from the boys in Aepoch, who are slowly moving away from the songs in their EP and clearly hyping up the debut album that will hopefully be coming soon.

                Last but not least, the absolutely destructive Beyond Creation, again, I’ve had the pleasure to see these guys many times now and just like every other time, these guys killed it. Playing a lot off their most recent album “Earthborn Evolution”, with some gems off of “The Aura” mixed in, the boys in Beyond Creation showed why they’re top of the food chain when it comes to not just Canadian Metal but all around Death Metal! If you haven’t seen these guys yet and like anything you’ve heard from them, get to a show and see them, they’re just as tight live as they are on record and Simon Girard’s voice has so much more power live, it’s rather unbelievable until you see it live for yourself. 

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