Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trilateral "Elliptic Orbits" Review

            Trilateral have just released a new album entitled “Elliptic Orbits” and the great thing about it is all the different features it has. Kind of like technology, Death Metal evolves each and every year and sometimes it’s hard to find something that’ll really wow you, if you can agree with this statement you should keep reading, because this might just be for you.

Now to kick it off I have to start with this, “Celestial Bodies” wins the award for the grooviest and jazziest Death Metal song I’ve ever heard. While the first half of the song is part Technical Death with some Melodic Death mixed in, the second half of the track sounds like something you'd hear while sitting in the waiting room, waiting to talk to the big boss for that big job interview you just got. The instruments are soothing and groovy in all the right ways with the bass cutting through the clean guitars ever so perfectly to create Technical You’re-On-Hold-Waiting-To-Talk-To-Your-Cell-Phone-Provider Metal.

This album has a lot of different gears, but all together they work together to make it work. For instance “Nomad” is a nice little instrumental break in the middle of the album that sounds like something straight out of a movie soundtrack. Its peaceful and unique and even though it’s short, memorable, it definitely helps the pace of the album a lot. Another instrumental is “Charon”, this one is a proper full length song, that fuses a crazy amount of styles together. From a touch of “Djent” (I apologize if this triggered anyone, I hate that term as well), to Melodic and Technical Death, to what almost makes the song sound like it’s going to break into an EDM track, oddly enough.

Trilateral's Elliptic Orbits” is a very diverse and very unique piece of Death Metal that honestly, any fan of the genre should definitely give it a shot. You’ll be wowed in all sorts of ways and hear things you could never expect from something that kicks off as pure Death Metal as “Elliptic Orbits” does.

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