Thursday, April 10, 2014

Acolytes "Benighted" EP Review

Acolytes, an American Melodic Death Metal band have released their new EP "Benighted" on March 31, 2014 through bandcamp ( and if you've never heard of Acolytes here's what you're in for. Imagine "Miasma" era The Black Dahlia Murder. That's it, this band sounds a ton like TBDM but its incredible because they still sound like something brand new. "Benighted" consists of 5 tracks and costs whatever you want to pay. From start to finish this album is a full on assault that'll break your neck and still have you come back for seconds. Lets get on with this.

"Madness From The Sea" opens this album with just over 3minutes of smash your head against a wall headbanging. With incredible riffs, crushing drums, face melting bass and the alternation between high and low vocals you'd expect from a band that sounds like they idolize The Black Dahlia Murder you're gonna go through this song a thousand times before you even realize it. Nothing left to say besides the fact that this is a killer opening track!

"A Morbid Rebirth" jumps back into the assault with a guitar only opening that comes back over and over through the song, that strangely (not really) reminds me of "What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse" by The Black Dahlia Murder. With more killer riffs and an absolute face melting solo as well as some very strong vocals prepare yourself for a song that'll knock you off your feet and kick you in the jaw.

"Prophetic Conquest" starting off my mentioning "the will of the gods" you know this can only go well from a death metal band. This song has one of the coolest guitar riffs you'll probably hear from any band this year. Insane riffs as well as a perfect tempo to headbang and not have it kill half way through the song is an incredible feat for any band, leading into an incredible dual onslaught guitar solo. Now what comes after all this? Think it through.. Yeah wicked bass solo that's right why not? Do a couple more verses then BAM bass solo to close out the song!

"Like Lambs" all about your stupidity in believing in religion. Now we are getting back into normal metal lyrics right? With the incredible dual guitars although the entire song not being quite as fast paced as the rest of the album for the most part is a nice breather right near the end of the album, but also shows some incredible skill from every member of the band on many occasions which is why I believe that this may be the strongest track on the album.

"Blinded By Fear" does this name sound familiar? If not you're missing out on the incredible band At The Gates or you're just missing out on their incredible 1995 album "Slaughter of the Soul" either way you fucked up. The band brings a great new feel to the song, showing they can really play their own style of music. Really there's nothing else to add besides the fact that this is a great cover and is an incredible way to close out the album.

All around "Benighted" is one tough son of a bitch and really shows that metal is far from death whether its the old bands that are still going strong or these new bands like Acolytes. If you enjoy Melodic Death Metal as a whole or if you just enjoy The Black Dahlia Murder it is required that you pick this up now! ( in my own opinion "Benighted" deserves a strong 9/10 and Acolytes deserve to be discovered! That's all, rock on \m/

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