Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dearly Beloved "Enduro!" Album Review

     Canadian band Dearly Beloved's new album "Enduro!" is a solid 10 song good old fashion Rock and Roll experience! The album is set to be released on May 13th, 2014 through eOne Music Canada, but the title track can be found HERE for download through Soundcloud. To mark the release of "Enduro!" Dearly Beloved will embark on a tour through UK, Ireland and Germany.

     "Enduro" The title track kicks off the album and right out of the geat you can tell this is gonna be a thrill ride of a rock album. With a vocal style sounding very much like Jane's Addiction and instrumentally sounding like The Offspring, any rock fan will already be enjoying this album. This track is very high energy and fast paced keeping you on your toes constantly. The song starts and finishes faster then you'll even realize, giving props to each instrument fairly, even the bass guitar, the title and lead track is bound to grab your attention and peak your interest in whats up to come.

     "Olympics of No Regard" starts off very bass heavy with an incredibly cool riff, after a short amount of time the song goes drums and vocals only with very little guitar. After repeating "Reap what you sow," a few times with all the instruments present again, the song drops back into the verse of vocal and drum only, but this time replacing the small guitar parts with small interesting bass lines inbetween vocals. Once again the song repeats the "reap what you sow," before going back into the bass riff that was present at the beginning. The guitar then slowly gets higher and higher before "reap what you sow," comes back and bam songs over already? That it is.

     "Astor DuPont Payne" starts off with a creepy guitar riff, no matter how slow this song may seem the drums keep going crazy through out the song. Again, with very promenent bass through out the song and hyperactive drums. The song changes up multiple times keeping you wondering whats coming up next and constantly switches tempo, you'll never understand what emotions you're supposed to have through the song except you end up leaving feeling all of them.

     "Not My Pig" is a slower song with very heavy instrumentals that dominate over the vocals and at the same time you never find yourself unable to hear the lyrics. There's really not to much to say this song is your typical slow but heavy rock and roll song.

     "Seven Plagues" get ready for bass guitar, this song feels like the lead guitar and the bass guitar switched places. the bass dominates the majority of the song, but the guitar still gets the spot light during the chorus. This song feels like it will be a live anthum for the band, getting a worked up crowd screaming "SEVEN PLAGUES!!" Not much else to tell you every band ever has a live anthum and this may just be Dearly Beloveds.

     "The Guile of Pricks" with the bass doing who knows what under the guitar (hey look a trend, this band is really bass heavy) and you being yelled at to "do whatever it takes" its a song that'll start and finish before you know it. No instrument seems to outrule any other even with Dearly Beloved being bass heavy just as much in this song as any other the bass doesnt outshine anything and nothing outshines anything else. This song is another one of your typical Rock and Roll songs. Which is never a bad thing, its a song any rock fan will enjoy.

     "Between Finger and Thumb" this song alternates between either pure instrumental or pure drum and vocal. Unless im wrong this song feels like its about being a musician, but thats the lovely thing about music, it's all up to you and how you interprite it. It's up to you to decide what it's about. Nonetheless this song being one of the longest song on the album doesnt feel like it drags on at all. Its fast paced but not overwhelming, and the vocals are audible but dont dominate over anything else and take away from the amazing musicianship the entire band has.

     "All Sins Are Forgiven" all bands need a true slow song, this is the slow song. Although normally i'm not a big fan of slow songs this one is an exception. This song is gonna end up being another live staple for the band, when the blast of all the instruments come in during the chorus you can tell its a true rock ballad but it doesnt feel like the song is no longer a slower song like a lot of slow songs do. With a screaming crowd singing along "All Sins Are Forgiven" or just enjoying the musicianship the band presents this is a slow song that doesnt feel like it lasts forever even if it is the longest song on the album!

     "Run For Your Life" seriously do it, last two songs one fast paced short song and one slow short song that are done on over but never forgotten. With a very fun main riff from both the guitar and bass plus the constant hyperactiveness of the drums this song comes and goes so quick but you'll end up wanting to listen to it over and over again and just go run a marathon. this song is a lot of fun and i imagine a lot of musicians themselves trying to learn it.

     "Ether Binge" the song will start and i'm sure i won't be the only one thinking wait... "Black Hole Sun?" All i can picture is a tired crowd who enjoyed a concert and are watching the band close the show. This song being just over a minute and being slow doesn't drag on at all it reminds me of Megadeth's "Dawn Patrol" its a weird song to put on an album and its something you don't really picture listening to very much and yet its a song you put on repeat for an hour and really want to see live. Just like the album, i imagine the band will use this song to close out their live shows as well and i can't imagine a better way to do so then with this song.

    All together "Enduro!" is starting and over with before you know it and you'll turn it on and listen to it over and over again and love it every time. all around great rock and roll album 9.5/10 i suggest you pick it up when its released May 13th, 2014 through eOne Canada either physically or digitally at Dearly Beloved's Bandcamp

P.S. thank you to Dearly Beloved and Eric Alper from eOne Canada for giving me access to an early copy of "Enduro!" Also sorry for any and all spelling mistakes!

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