Friday, April 25, 2014

Beware The Light's "The Light, The Hope, The Very End" EP Review

     5 Piece German Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore band Beware the Light have released their new EP "The Light, The Hope, The Very End" through Bandcamp on April 21st, 2014. The EP consists of 5 incredibly writen songs (4 new and one remastered) that keep you glued to the music from front to back. With different sounds from different bands all the way through the album like The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy and Cannibal Corpse it is near impossible for any Death Metal fan not to enjoy at least part of this album!

     "The Reaping" kicks off the album with a very "out at sea" sounding intro (seriously listen to the song to understand what the hell im talking about). Not to mention the incredible bas during the intro. As soon as the vocals and instrumentals begin you cant help but headbang after a perfectly timed "LET THE REAPING BEGIN." After vocal changes from low to high growls almost as often as Trevor from The Black Dahlia Muder, the band goes into an incredibly heavy "breakdown" part (I know what people thing of breakdowns but trust me, this is some Sepultura shit right here). After some incredibly heavy instrumentals and a bit of vocals the song finishs, fastest 3:30 minutes you'll sit through. Not a whole lot to say about this besides the fact that it's perfect for fronting this album.

     "Psychosis" jumps right into it, with blistering dual guitars that gradually get slower and heavier as the vocals kick in, just to jump back into the blistering part they started with. after about 40 seconds of the song the guitars jump into a sweet guitar part not many bands use, just to be followed by a soft melodic section with more cool bass (props for giving the bass attention). The bridge comes just soon enough for you to not get bored with the slow part followed by a "uhhaa" that many death metal bands use. The vocals go to a higher deathcore vocal style and drop back into a low growl, very Job For A Cowboy-ish. The song outs with a 5 second "breakdown" section that lead to a squeeling guitar and jump right into the next song.

     "Misanthropic Traits" prepare, Dying Fetus have entered the building with this awesome heavy squeely into, that surprisingly ends with a sweet 2 second bass solo before jumping back into the chaos. With incredible (incredible to someone who likes death metal) vocals over blistering guitar parts leading to a slower galopping part with more killer vocals then blends in one of the guitars doing alternatting high notes that are audioble but not the centre of attention really helps keep you glued to this song. The song leads to an insanely heavy breakdown section, but not before to long before jumping in and out from breakdown to their main riff of the song and back into breakdown thats just gonna make you wanna punch shit its so heavy! and with this the song closes out. I must add I love the title of the song.

     "Regret Nothing" is the remastered song of the album that was released originally back in July of 2013 through Bandcamp. the intro vocals show a very deathcore side to the vocalist while the instrumentals sound like their own version of Cannibal Corpse's "Evisceration Plague." This section slows down for the majority of the song but makes the riff itself feel so much heavier. At about 1:30 the band guitars go into a tapping "Death In Fire" riff before going into a small clean vocal section and jumping back into the earsplitting death metal vocals. With the vocals clear intention that you SHOULD BE MOSHING NOW by yelling "GO!" and some incredibly killer instrumentals that make you want to mosh anyways before jumping back into the tapping riff this song is clear it would be a killer song to be in the pit for! After some more clean vocals there is a "this is how we do.." and queue the Chris Barnes style pig squeel "...IIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!" to close out the song.

     "The Light, The Hope, The Very End" the title track is set to close out the album and with another slow introduction you start to question whats coming. With a clean tapping riff over a distorted rythem section the song gradually gets more and more heavy before the vocals kick in and both guitars end up being distorded again. If the album has held your attention this far you're gonna be here until the end because this song jumps around enough to keep you guessing but not so much that it gets annoying like some bands tend to do. Being a deathcore band this track clearly will have breakdowns still but they are so short that by the time they bug you (if you don't like them that is) they're over. jumping back into a standerd riff for a few bars prepare yourself for the killer drumming you may have been waiting for with vocals over top, followed by the vocalist growling "REPENT!" that drops into a section that i have no idea what to classify it as, is it a breakdown? Or is it just a normal section? I have no idea but it closes out the album pretty damn well nonetheless!

     overall 20 minues of pure death metal/deathcore ecstasy any true melo death or deathcore fan can benefit from listening to this. Absolutely killer overall 9/10 and i cant wait to see what else comes from this band!

P.S. Sorry for any mistake!! Plus i know i normall post on Thursdays but there has been so much this week with a new album that im reviewing tomorrow (Saturday April 26th) and brand new Slayer FINALLY! this is late but still its done so i hope you enjoyed it!

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