Friday, March 4, 2016

Destroyer 666 "Wildfire" Album Review

The leading dominators in Blackened Thrash Metal are back with their new album on Season of Mist, Destroyer 666 and their new album “Wildfire” have been spreading like... well, a wildfire. Being the bands first full release since 2009 it’s a breath of fresh air to get something like this in the genre, taking over what Sodom stopped going for and doing it just as well if not better! 9 songs and 40 minutes of headbanging brutality, an incredible onslaught of destructive riffs and a consistent shock in vocal prowess the band brings their all on this album, but is their all enough?

                Destroyer 666 are back and in case you were unsure of that, right off the bat in “Traitor” you get introduced by an insanely high scream that could almost put modern Rob Halford to shame, mixed with the riffing harmony being Warslut and Felipe Kutzbach. If the speeds of these riffs weren’t enough and you have a problem headbanging to solos then just wait till the last 60 seconds, the song enters a riff that you have to headbang to that leads into a solo. “Live and Burn” follows up “Traitor” sounding like a cross between Destruction and Toxic Holocaust between having Destruction style tempo in the introduction blended with Black Metal-era Joel Grind (I know he never ACTUALLY did Black Metal, calm down there I see you typing to tell me how I’m wrong about Toxic Holocaust being Black Metal). The speed of this song is off the charts, between that and it being heavy this song would be excellent live as a pit song. With the next song “Artiglio Del Diavolo” being an instrumental how about we skip ahead a couple to “Wildfire” the title track of the album and see how it stands up being a bit later in the album. Warslut‘s vocals are less harsh on this song, taking more of a Speed Metal turn, which makes sense with the galloping style of riffing, featuring one of my favourite solos on this entire album which is followed by a heavy bridge into a straight speed solo before getting back to vocals. The song is sheer speed, the album is fast as fuck and unrelenting, and the contrast in the vocals between sounding like a Black Metal lunatic and Tom Araya at the beginning of “Angel of Death” makes a lot of these songs unpredictable which a lot of bands fail to do. The only real break you get in this album is right before the album resets with “Tamam Shud” being an incredible album closer and the song I see being played in the background as the band walks out on stage an bows goodbye to the crowd, it’s slower, mostly, it’s intriguing and the guitar patters are really cool even to someone who couldn’t play “Smoke on the Water” to save their life.

                7 years later Destroyer 666 release “Wildfire,” an album that will, more than likely, stand tall to every other album released this year. With this album it’s becoming apparent that this year will be the year of Mist, releasing plenty of excellent albums already this year Destroyer 666 are just another notch up for the global domination Season of Mist must be planning at this point.


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