Friday, March 17, 2017

Infernal Majesty "No Gods" Review

                Crossing between the dark realm of Black Metal and the ferocity of Thrash Metal, Infernal Majesty bring a whole new album forward to front the charge of War Metal, a term made popular by the band Destroyer 666, who play the same style, but started much later and would be easily influenced by Infernal Majesty. “No God” is the bands first full release since 2004’s highly praised album, “One Who Points to Death” and it’s clear that age hasn’t slowed Infernal Majesty down one bit.

                The album kicks off with two very different songs, the aggressive and destructive opening track “Enter the World of the Undead”, which is an absolutely destructive piece of Thrash Metal with the more harsh and aggressive Black Metal vocals. While vocalist, Chris Bailey, doesn’t take on a full fledged Black Metal tone (see bands like Emperor, Mayhem, Marduk for example), he has found the perfect blend of rasp and melody to match the terrifying force of the instrumentals and bring forth one of the strongest examples of Black Thrash any band could possibly offer. In contrast with the opening track though, the second track, “In God You Trust”, takes a far more melodic approach almost reminiscent of Cradle of Filth, without the ear piercing screams, of course. Most Metal fans know what a Melodic Death Metal song sounds like, so I won’t spend too much time explaining this song, the real thing I do want to cover is at the end of the song, while I can’t articulate a sound, what I can say is how impressive drummer Kiel Wilson’s ability is. The pattern the song follows at the end is weird and unique, something I don’t think I’ve personally ever heard in a song before and anyone who is a drummer, should definitely check this album out just for Wilson’s ability alone.

                Something fans of Infernal Majesty might have missed is in 2016, the band dropped a couple of singles, the title track, “No God”, and arguable an even more impressive song “House of War”, which is a mid tempo, headbanging masterpiece and while the other two songs really show off certain members, as does this one. The riffing, the soloing, everything about this song from a guitar stand point is incredibly awe-inspiring and Steve Terror and Kenny Hallman are probably incredibly happy with how this song turned out, because man is it a killer piece of music.

                Like with most Metal music, the bass is hidden underneath everything, keeping the tempo and while there’s few songs you can really hear it, “Systematical Extermination” is definitely the song where it’s most apparent, as there are many places where it does take the forefront and show you the groove. This song actually reminds me a lot of Megadeth personally, just the style of Thrash and the grace and groove of the bass, it’s a song I could picture "Rust In Piece" era Megadeth recording, but mastered and made better by Infernal Majesty.

                While there seems to be a lot of different sounds featured on this album, Infernal Majesty are undoubtedly one of the absolute best Black Thrash bands out there and “No God” simply helps solidify this fact. There’s no Metal fan that shouldn’t check this album out, there’s easily something for everyone to get into and I think the amount of different sounds you can hear on this album should make it obvious just how much of a widespread influence Infernal Majesty’s albums may have had on Metal as a whole. This album has been a long time coming, but I'm more than happy to say, the wait was well worth it.


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