Thursday, July 6, 2017

Aborted "Bathos" Review


        Internationally renowned Death Metallers Aborted have been all over releasing new music regularly. Between 2016s “Terminal Redux” which was followed a few months later by “Retrogore” which at this point is a highly praised album, Aborted have had no issues keeping fans happy. Now that we are in 2017, of course it’s time for some new Aborted and this time around they released the 2 track EP “Bathos” onto the world.

        First thing to mention is the artwork, Aborted always have some of the best artwork, ranging from the weird and obscene to the goriest, or in the case of “Bathos”, the occult. The cover sees a house with hooded figures peering out from behind it and in the front, a pentagram with dead bodies, the most obvious of them being impelled in the centre. This artwork is classy for Death Metal, this is the kind of art I want on a shirt because it’s going to shock people, but they’ll also do a double or triple take to finally realise what the hell is going on.

        The music of “Bathos”, as I mentioned before, the EP is only 2 songs. The first of which is “Bathos” itself. The song treads lightly between Technical Death Metal, Grindcore and has hints of Deathcore elements mixed in. It can’t quite decide where it wants to go with the intro itself sounding a lot like Suicide Silence and many parts and vocal patterns being reminiscent of the same, while at the same time there are more than enough portions that combine the sound with Death-Grind as made famous by some other bands like Cattle Decapitation. The other piece of music on the album “Fallacious Crescendo” goes much more to the roots of what Aborted is known for, being a heavy slab of Death-Grind much like a lot of their previous work.

        All in all, great release. Aborted tried something a little different with the two songs to make them distinctive from each other. One taking cues from the more recent popular bands in the Metal subgenres while the other pays homage to what got Aborted so well known. “Bathos” is out July 7 through Century Media Records and if you’re a fan of the band, old or new, you should probably pick it up for some hints to where the next album might be going.

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