Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ataxia "Awaken the Nebula" Review

        London, Ontario's own Technical Death Metal maniacs Ataxia are here to blow up speakers and get heads banging. The new album "Awaken the Nebula" is a straight to the point Technical Death Metal album that has one of my favourite album covers this year. Let's delve into this Death Metal release and decide if it's worth your time.

        This is an album that kicks off at full speed with "After Birth" which takes hints from the best of Cattle Decapitation and adds its own elements including, but definitely not limited to, Technical Death Metal riffing and Melodic Death Metal rhythm. While "After Birth" shows off the full spectrum of what Ataxia has to offer, "Consign to Oblivion" takes the intensity and speed of old school Death Metal to its peaks. After a short and sweet intro the song kicks up , grabs you by the throat and crushes until the end, letting up at no point in the middle.

        Given the above, what else could need to be added? Take a look at "Internal Ferment" which takes the Technicality to its peak for this album, but actually adds some incredibly unexpected Deathcore elements that are surprising fresh and welcome to the album. The only song on the album that comes off as filler would be "Bludgeoned", while there's nothing particularly wrong with the song it doesn't add anything new to the album. The song is a fast paced Death Metal track with a pretty cool riff that, after hearing over and over becomes a little stale. The song does serve as a good break to the album though as the rest of the album after this point is just as killer as the first half, so at least it can just meld into the other tracks.

        All in all, only having one track that feels kind of dull isn't bad out of the 7 tracks on the album all things considered from a lot of Death Metal bands out there. This is a release that most, if not all Death metal fans should be able to find pleasure in, find Ataxia and the new album "Awaken the Nebula" on Bandcamp to find this heavy slab and let us know on Facebook what you think, are we right to say there's one dud song?

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