Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Blastomycosis

        Halfway through Saturday night, Brutal Death starts to kick in, what now? Blastomycosis are ready to hit the stage. This is a band I had actually seen previously, taking elements from Grindcore, Death Metal and Thrash Metal to create whatever you wanna class this band as, generally I would say Brutal Death Metal, but its a little hard to classify.

        Blastomycosis I have actually seen in the past, years ago though so my memory of it is pretty vague as the night had about 7 other bands on it as well. What I do remember is about 75-100 people being there and majority of them wanting to be part of the mosh pit. Going back and checking out "Covered in Flies and Afterbirth", an album I picked up about a year ago at this point, it's clicking how wicked these guys are, as brutal as their song titled are. "Battery Acid Ballcuzzi" is the standout track on the album, being the top of the top for incorporating all the elements that makes the band stand out in to one song. The song is far thrashier than anything else on the album and is probably the main one you should be listening to, to really understand Blastomycosis.

        If you need to understand the musicianship of these guys, look no further than the more Tech Death meets Thrash song "Claw Hammer Hysterectomy" which is like a toned down/more Thrash Metal inspired version of an Origin song. You can also look for more headbang worthy, less "look how fast I can play" songs like "Rape Shark" which is just fun to say because no one expects a Rape Shark.

        Blastomycosis will be bound to blow minds on Saturday night, don't tire yourself out too quick boys and girls because the pit will keep moving tonight, so grab some drinks, stay hydrated and don't forget to tip your bartenders because Ontario Death Fest is gonna be hot and heavy!

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