Monday, September 25, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Six of Swords

        While the list of bands I've seen before on this years Ontario Death Fest is a little short, the ones I have seen have stood out for the most part. One that has stuck with me since I saw them live in 2015 with Crowbar and Battlecross is Toronto's own Six of Swords. These guys came out swinging and man was it a killer mix to the night, a bit of Melodic Death to add to the chaos, Six of Swords stunned me, but I haven't been able to catch them again for one reason or another but I see their shows get announced.

        The most recent song the band put up was "Hell's Messiah", back in 2015 and in terms of new music it seems the band has been rather dormant, the song actually shows off everything amazing the band has to offer from sludgy Doom ridden riffs to the pinnacle of Melodic Death, I really can't do much but praise these guys since I witnessed the brutality live. The band's EP "Polar Vortex", which came out in 2014, will have everything you could need to know from this band if you're a slower, heavier more Doom style of fan you might look for something like "Separation at the Seams", a track of pure devastation that shows why Six of Swords would have opened for Crowbar, with some of the grittiest of Death Metal you'll hear, while taking every chance it gets to pumble you with speed mixed in. If you're a more aggressive Death Metal fan, the title track "Polar Vortex" would be right up your alley, the song is a monster in every means, regardless of whether you're a mosher or a banger, this song will get everyone moving.
        Saturday night is already kicking off heavy, Six of Swords is a band not to miss, its a Saturday so you have no excuse to not be there early enough for these guys because they will blow your mind!

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