Friday, September 22, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Ending Tyranny

        Today is gonna be slightly different, there's a handful of bands on this years bill that I've seen in the past, which means i can do a doule coverage. Talk about the studio music and the live experience, so let's give this a shot with the main support of Friday night: Ending Tyranny. This will be the first Tech Death band to hit the stage this year and these guys do not hold back, this is gonna be fast, heavy and hard hitting and it'll kick you in the face right off the bat. My main experience with this band is having seen them multiple times at this point and practically worshipping the bands latest release "Elovultion of Deceit", anyone who's read my coverage in the past may realise this isn't the first time I've brought up this band.

        Let's start off with the studio experience, last time I saw Ending Tyranny the set consisted mostly of "Evolution of Deceit" songs. These songs are insane and some of the stand outs are "12 Palms" which is pure Death Metal bliss, solos and blasts included, this'll be the track that gets any Death Metal fan moving whether it's in the pit or upfront headbanging. "Faceless Silouhette" on the other hand, is as Tech Death as Tech Death gets, the band straight up rips solo after solo putting bands like Protest the Hero to shame. For the fans who would want somewhere in the middle of those two, you would want to check out "Epitome" a song that had the effect of Old School Death Metal, with the speed and insanity of some of the best Tech Death and even some intense mixes of Melodic Death Metal sprinkled in. Regardless of the type of Death Metal you like, Ending Tyranny have a treat for you somehwere in their music.

        Going on to the live experience, as stated before, I have caught these guys multiple times everywhere from support to headline and they never disappoint. The first time I saw them some guy straight up passed out during their solo! Probably coincidence, but maybe not, maybe the band just over shreded him. Since then I have seen the band play the entire new album in full on a couple different occasions and even more recently, start to show off a new track which kills live. Any Death Metal fan in the area should be drawn to see Ending Tyranny and with how solid their live show is and how tight the band sound live, I'm hoping we will see some new songs at this years Ontario Death Fest!

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