Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Ruptured Birth

        Here comes another one, today we are gonna talk about Ruptured Birth and right off the bat i have to mention this bands album art, the bands first EP "Arachni Supremacy" has probably one of the best covers in the past few years taking the movie Eight Legged Freaks and making it not only true SciFi but Metal as all hell. The cover consisting of a barrend land covered in web, a monsterous spider and a dying soldier, this is the thing of arachnaphobic nightmares with a Death Metal soundtrack.

        The soundtrack however, is presented by Ruptured birth, who advertise themselves as "Brutal Slamming Deathgrind" which made me worry at first. I clicked on the lastest release and gave it a spin. "Transmutant" starts with a song called "Strogg" on the bands Bandcamp, a song thats as deadly as it is heavy, for the most part the band sacrifices technical solos for hard hitting riffs and killer vocals. The big song that caught my attaention was "Nuclear Marauders" which takes every aspect of Death Metal and cranks it up to 11, the song starts off heavy, kills off any doubt as to the bands power, but the mid point comes, the song picks up and the sweeping solo starts. A purely jaw-dropping experience as it's entirely unexpected at this point in this album.

        Ruptured Birth are not a band to miss, right at the halfway point of Friday night at Ontario Death Fest you will see Ruptured Birth hit the stage and this will not be a show to be missed. If not for the art alone, this is a band you need to watch merch for and luckily for anyone who likes what they've heard at this point, it has been a year since the relase of "Transmutant" so here's to hoping we will hear a new track or two from Ruptured Birth at Ontario Death Fest.

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