Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ontario Death Fest 2017: Serene Molestation

        Two words i never thought I would be typing side by side, even while being a Metal journalist, are "serene" and molestation", but here we are today to continue out coverage of this years Ontario Death Fest with the Brutal Death Metal band, Serene Molestation. Older underground Metal fans in the Toronto area might know these guys, the last release from the band was in 2014 and anyone who may not have been paying attention (or who only follows what they see on Facebook, which for bands could be a whole rant in itself about how Facebook is stupid) may have missed that in June, Serene Molestation announced their new EP and released a new track entitled "Mongoloid Meatmarket". With the new EP on its way, and from what I can tell mostly recorded, it seems like Ontario Death Fest couldn't have come at a better time for the band, so why not take a look at what the band has to offer and what you can expect on the first night of Ontario Death Fest.

        Right of the bat, although advertised as Brutal Death Metal (which generally implies constant cookie monster gutterals) Serene Molestation take on a much more Old School Death Metal vibe, much more along the lines of Cannibal Corpse. Listening through the bands last full release, "We're Flesh Obsessed", it became very obvious, very quickly, just what the lyrics would be about, in case the name didn't give away the sexual prowess enough already. With such holiday favourites as "The Cunt of Monte Fisto" and "In Your Mom We Thrust", Serene Molestation focus on (and I kind of cant believe I'm saying this) very believable imagery. Between the literal act of "pushing someone's shit in" in "Brown Eye for the Straight Guy" to the sadistic intentions behind "Stranger in a Strange Hand" the band has a very strong level of imagery behind it's lyrics that make some of it almost believe able from a "Memoire of Charles Manson" kind of view.

        Luckily enough, the actual music isn't too bad either, the aforementioned "Brown Eye for the Straight Guy" is a Death Metal monster, following the KISS rule of "Keep It Simple, Stupid", the songs aren't overly technical and the riffs trade in jaw dropping technicality and overly difficult riffs for more headbang friendly simple and catchy ones. The new song "Mongoloid Meatmarket" is much of the same idea, meaning you can expect the band will stick close to home and stay within their comfort zone with the new EP. Luckily old fans of the band will more than likely have a chance to check out some new tunes from the band and maybe, if ready in time even get the new EP at Ontario Death Fest on October 6th at Coalition in Toronto.

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